Chains That Bind You..

I see the chains, the chains that bind you, those rusty chains

I see your fate, whenever the temptress is near, her poison I smell

I hear your heart, beating, like it knows it should not desire

Desire that which would bring ill-fate, upon your body, your poor soul

I feel your breath, as your pulse quickens, and palms sweat

As the temptress approaches, and your heart is exhausted

From all the running and all the hiding, and all the hoping

That she will not find you, that she will instead, leave you

But you have grown weary and are of despair, weakened

By her pursuit, that you quit fighting, quit rejecting, give in

And you surrender, willingly, to her charms, her deceitful charms

And I moan, for you I moan, because she has won, you are lost

To these addictions, that are breaking you, breaking your very soul


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