I stood there shimmering, from the cold, from the blood, from the cut in my veins.. I became a shimmer and I disappeared

Into the abyss of the pain, the loneliness of my accusing thoughts, the loudness of your accusing words.. I turned my back and I felt a shiver

I tried to wrap my hands around my shoulder, tried to keep warm, tried and tried but tried and failed

So I dropped my hands and slumped my shoulders, I dredged my feet through the dirt

And it began to rain and I began to drown, in the sorrows locked up in my heart

But the pain overflowed and I began to cry, I began to let it go

And my heart pounded as it got lighter, as it felt relief, I was beginning to swim

Then I saw a lifeguard in the distance and I waved out for help, I was no longer afraid to cry, no longer afraid to tear down the walls

And He reached out for me and touched my hand, and there and then.. I felt nothing but warm :’)