Broken Hearts Reopened

He walked up and said “hello”.. but you did not respond, did not know how to respond

You were not used to them making that first move.. not used to it at all

Your game had been different.. falling in love from a distance and getting your heart broken up-close.. then letting the blood from the broken connections seal your inner beauty.. your inner shine

If only your eyes could see and your heart believe.. that you are so much more than “an easy lay” or the “I’m not ready for a commitment” excuse

You deserve so much more.. but you’ve not yet understood love.. not yet accepted that love for yourself

So what’s holding you back?.. what is it you’re trying to find.. hoping to find.. desperate to find

Won’t you let go of the pain.. of the broken promises and the promises waiting to be broken

Won’t you hold on to this truth.. that you are loved!

By the One who created love.. who knows love.. who IS love.. and let that be enough.. realise that that is more than enough!

That you would hold your head high.. no longer bowing to the voices in your head, those voices that persecute you and crucify you.. walk away from those chains that bound you.. and find freedom in His love for you

His perfect and unending love.. that you would show others what it means to know love.. that you would love like you are truly loved.. and live like a hub of love

Because it is His love that perfects you.. molds you.. defines you

His love that completes you and fills you.. only that love can!


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