I wanted to be free.. free from the darkness, free from the numbness, free from the disease that was eroding my soul

I looked out the window and saw the sun go down, saw its light leave the sky, and I felt the darkness begin to creep in.. begin to tag at my already wounded sleeve

But I would not let it be! Did not want it to be.. had not even wanted it from the beginning.. had despised who it had made me become

So I fought it in my mind and He gave strength to my heart.. I turned my back and He helped me walk away

And in that dark room where I had felt shame, guilt and the burden of condemnation, I now heard a whisper.. “You are no longer condemned.. You are no longer defined by who you used to be.. no longer held by those chains that bound you

And I felt a warmth in my heart, a soft glow.. and on my skin as the sun came up and a merciful light filled the room..and in my cheeks as the contrite, repentant tears flowed.. I was no longer bound.. I was instead, freed