I miss what I thought we were, what I thought we had

I miss what it is we could have become, what I thought we could be

I used to think of me in twenty years and see you by my side

I miss the moments we never got to care, the moments we never got to share

I miss the knowing that you would write back, whether in the night or in the morn, you would always write back

I miss the sweetness of the memories we had, the sweetness of the sweet memories to come

I miss the not knowing that it could end, the thinking it would go on forever, that we would go on forever

But most of all, I miss you and everything you were, everything you are and everything I still know you can become.. you will become

And I wish that you would miss me too.. and everything that I am.. and everything that I wanted to be.. everything that I could have and maybe should have become