Peel Away

Peel away all the hurt, peel away all the dirt, peel away all the rotting animosity that’s gnawing on my heart

That I would smile when I am defeated, smile when I am downtrodden, smile when I am tired from weeping

Peel away the deaf ear that does not hear my neighbour’s cry for help, peel away the faint heart that does not stand up for my sister’s honour, peel away the selfishness that mocks my countryman’s dignified glory

That I would weep with those who weep.. and moan with those moan

Sleep when day is gone.. and rise in the early morn

Peel away the anguish when I do not get my way, the anger when they fail to reciprocate and to understand

That I would sing even in the mud, dance when my feet are numb

That I would listen to that inner voice, that says “forgive” even when they’ve done me wrong

Peel away the disgust when I stumble on my brother’s folly, the wide-eyed smirk when they miss their stop

Even when the enforcers have forgotten their away, and we have but no place to stay, peel away the fear that I would pave a way

For Your love to grow, for Your shine to stay, for everything good to flower in me

Peel away the emptiness when I am full of things I do not need, peel away my tongue when profanities only will I speak

Peel away the skin that I would see my true reflection, peel away the mask that I would look into my own eyes

Peel away every tear and secret hurt, every unuttered burden that I have borne

Peel away the noise and the very bright lights, leave only peace and the nature of its kind

Peel away everything that You do not want me to be, everything that I have made myself out to be

Peel it all away that I would remain only as who You want me to be, who you made me to be

Peel away the peels that have faded away.. and oh but turned to a sorry grey


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