Tear-Stained.. Episode 1

The rays of the sun had begun to shine but they were not yet warm

The cold chill of the night had persisted still and her tears froze in time

Caged in her heart were atrocities she dared not remember, unpleasantness she dared not recall, demons she preferred to leave at home

Her friends were right behind her and she heard them call out her name

“Anna! Kwani leo unakimbia?” She was indeed walking unusually fast.. trying to let the past remain in the past, so she slowed down to let them catch up

It was their morning ritual to walk to school together, the primary school was only 4 km away from their village

Her numb hands quickly wiped the tears away before they could betray her, before they could betray her emotions, before her friends asked why she was crying and then she would have to remember.. remember what she did not want to remember.. remember what she desperately wanted to forget, what she could not seem to forget

But how could she forget.. how could those laws be broken.. how could such innocence be forsaken, that said protector would become violator

Her dreary thoughts were interrupted by a noisy bell, but she needed to find Miss Janet at once.. She needed to do this if she was going to survive


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