The Cry of a Refugee

I see how you look at me, I feel you despise me from the corner of your speckled eye

Like I am some vermin, or pest that you must quickly get rid of

Like I am some disease whose name you are just now trying to think of

But what is my crime.. what is it you have charged me with

That I have but nowhere to lay my head

That I have but no place to call my own

That those I called brother are now rotting in a mass grave

Did I ask for this? Do you think I wanted this.. this life that is a whirlwind of hopelessness and lost dreams.. an abyss of wounded and sorry-state spirits

You say that I should go back to where I came from, but the road is full of bloodied stones

You say that I am not welcome in your home, yet all I crave is a meal and some peace of mind

Will no one hear my plea.. does no one hear my plea?

Is there nobody that will stand for those whose legs have been cut from under them?

My will is broken and my heart is shattered.. yet my heart beats like it hopes for a brighter tomorrow

Maybe I will open my eyes and it will be a brighter tomorrow


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