Broken Bird

I heard you whimper in the dark corner, almost heard you cry for help

Then the wind blew your cries to my ears, and I turned to see your tiny little tears

You had been caught in the rat trap, your tiny legs squashed under the rusty metal

In pain you flapped your weightless wings, seemingly unaware of other ways to deal with the pain

I sympathised and I thought, “I should free this tiny little bird”

But you were scared and I was the unknown, so your breathing got a little faster.. A little deeper

So I patted your wings and I soothed your soul, I told you that it was okay

Then I carefully lifted the rusty metal, the metal that had snipped your feet

And you bowed your head for you no longer had feet, you wanted to hide your tears

And I thought in my heart “Poor little bird, will he ever fly again”

Then the wind blew and your tears left, I saw you flap your wings

And then dear bird you flew away, you just got up and flew


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