By the corner of the road, a young mother reads a bedtime story to her young ones.. They have but a carton box to shelter their heads from the rain

Yet on the other side of town, a picture-perfect fireplace roars.. But no one cares to notice, no one cares to care

A blind man begs for change, he begs all night and all morn.. And finds his comfortable way back home when no one is looking, when no one sees, in the broad daylight when his eyes are healed

Outside the train station live music plays, melodies unwritten, harmonies unheard.. And the young man gets by on one foot and eight fingers.. won’t you spare some change oh kind stranger, or linger till the music fills your heart, leave my unfilled stomach

On the coldest of nights love comes easy, love comes cheap.. Billed by the hour you keep coming back, yet in the comfort of your home the bills are unpaid and love is lost.. Love is hard to find

A city in reverse, can it be stopped in its tracks, can it be stopped on its path

A city in reverse waiting to be found, waiting for the hallelujah that will turn it back around

A city in reverse.. Who can stop it now?.. Who will stop it now..