Don’t you just love the mornings when you wake up and the sun is already out.. Already bursting through your bedroom window, shining its presence throughout the room

Don’t you just love how the fresh morning air meets you at the door.. How it gently bids you farewell, gently brushes against your skin

And don’t you just love how the radio can play what seems like all your favourite music at a go.. How every song is a hit, leaves you dancing with the beat

But what about when the sun doesn’t shine in the morning.. When the wind is cold and harsh.. When every song leaves you frustrated

What about the mornings you can’t get up, don’t want to wake up.. Don’t have the strength to face another day

What about the times when you want what you can’t seem to get.. When you have what you no longer want.. When you can’t even tell what you need

And the nights that you can’t find sleep, the nights when the food is bland.. When no company is good enough, no comedy cheerful enough

Does life then stop being beautiful, stop being meaningful.. Does your life then cease to have meaning?

Isn’t life the pure existence of purpose.. Being alive the true reflection of meaning?

A rose, once beautiful, may wither and die.. But the beauty of the rose, because it was true beauty, does not fade away

Do not fade away.. Under the smoke and harsh weather, do not fade away.. Under responsibilities and long, dark tunnels, do not fade away.. When the only light at the end feels like a train fast approaching, do not fade away

It is a beautiful life! Do not let the definition of beauty be caged under the rotting weight of what it is said that beauty should do and beauty should be.. You have a beautiful life and you know it.. So live your beautiful life and be free.. Free from what “beauty” does not think beauty should be.. Free from hefty expectations of trivialities you may never comprehend 🙂