Angel’s Cry

I saw them stand with me, at my hour of need, at my hour of greatest plea

I felt them hold my hands, when in the middle of the beaten-down room I stood

Felt them wipe my tears, when I had been weary from crying, weary from weeping

They carried me to my bed, because my feet could not seem to find their way, could not seem to move

They sang me a sweet lullaby, when only echoes of my fear sounded in my mind

And one by one they kissed me good night; they said it was only for a night

And I felt it when they had left the room, when the chill was suddenly in my bones

But I felt it more when the heavens opened on that starry night, that starry grey night

And I saw the angels go into heaven; I saw them go up above

Where they turned to God and they told Him, they told Him of my desperate plea

Then I saw them turn and wipe their tears, saw them walk in joyful glee

My sweet dear angels had done this deed; they had gone and cried for me!


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