The palpitations of my heart cause my mind to race, my palms to shake and my lips to smile a true smile

I look at you and see a sweet innocence born, inquisitive eyes that hold my stare for five seconds and then the beauty of the world engulfs you and steals your attention from me

You look around and don’t understand most of what is going on, how could you.. You’re just a newborn

Eager to learn what every word means, eager to know where every door leads, eager to understand who everyone really is

Eager to be all you can be, take all the steps you can take, go all the places you can go

I look at you and you are the embodiment of hope, a dream come to birth.. Your quiet and curious demeanour reflective of an assurance of purpose, such assurance of purpose

And I wonder where we lose that spark.. At what age do we stop believing in the beauty of our dreams.. At what point do we let the doubts have a seat on the table.. Why can’t we remain forever hopeful, forever joyful, forever confident in the dreams of our hearts, the purposes of our souls

Looking at you, I see a softness in your eyes, feel a gentleness in your touch, sense a depth of hope and curious abandon in your heart

And I vow to live in this life that you see, to dream those same dreams that you dream.. to hope like you hope and believe like you believe

Until that day when you will look into my eyes and see the same beauty staring back at you, feel the same hope surrounding you, and be inspired to dream the dreams that you want to dream, the dreams of your heart and of your soul.. Until those beautiful dreams have come to birth