Like a bird’s morning song you brighten my day, you brighten my heart with your soft and quiet glow

As the distant sun reflects upon your path, I see more colours shining from within, more colours showing on your skin

And as the wind goes round saying hallo, stopping by to say hallo, you are not swayed.. you are instead held in place and my eyes are upon you transfixed

I cannot get over this sight, this life that is unfolding, what a life that is unfolding

I walk up to you, to get a whiff of your essence and my heartbeat freezes as my mind is stilled

My hands grow numb and my feet forget the ground, your essence capturing my very breath

How could I be so lucky as to have found you, to have seen you even before you bloomed

To have hoped and waited, and yearned and expected

How your very essence, your very presence captures me .. makes me forget who I was yesterday, makes me instead remember who I want to be tomorrow

~Their souls did say 


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