Come Back

He sits on the unpolished floor, not a care about the curious eyes of the strangers walking past him.. not a care about the dust now covering his clothing

He sits on the unpolished floor, remembering the day he first met Sakina.. remembering the sound of her voice when she told him her name

He sits on that unpolished floor and cringes at the thought of his mistakes.. questioning why he ever let her walk out the door with tears in her eyes

Amos considered himself a reasonable man, with a reasonable upbringing and reasonable dreams

He always did what was expected of him, always said what he was expected to say, lived the kind of life that society told him to live

Then he had met Sakina and he had fallen in love, he had met Sakina and was no longer content living a textbook life

He was 23 and he wanted to marry her, wanted to give her his last name, wanted to cherish her every day of his life

But his mother said no

“Foolish boy you are too young, what do you know about keeping a wife? Wait 5 more years and then you can begin to court her.. then you will have faced life and even society will say that you are ready”

Amos loved Sakina but he also loved his mother.. He cared what his mother thought, her opinion mattered too much

Sakina had cried when he told her.. “We will be together in 5 years, I am not ready now.. I still love you, please don’t be mad.. Even society knows we’re too young”

“But I love you now Amos, I love you and do not love another.. Will not love another.. Love has made us ready to marry”

She cried some more but his mother’s voice lingered more than her teary sobs.. “I am sorry.. I still love you Sakina”

He sat on that unpolished floor and remembered his loss, remembered her eyes when she had pleaded.. Remembered her heart full of zeal and ambition

He was now 26 and decided he would not wait for anybody’s approval.. his mother was mad, but he did not care

“Sakina, I need to see you.. I know it’s been 3 years but I’m tired of waiting, I need to see you.. I still love you”

“I am now married Amos.. I found another love.. At 23 you left me wounded and broken but at 24 I started to heal and atĀ 25 I found another love.. We got married 2 months ago.. You left me wounded but I found another love.. He was not scared to love”


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