The End, I Begin

From the mountain top I could study the path I had previously trod.. Could be amazed at the journey I had come

Could stare in wonder at the terrain my feet had climbed, my hands had clasped, my breath had thinned

I had done it.. I guess I always knew I could, but the mountain had been mighty and I had had my doubts.. There had been some scary doubts

I stood atop the mountain soaking in the sun, basking in my victory.. Hoping the moment would last, but the wind came to me

“You’ve made it up but can you make it down before the sun has kissed the night sky?..”

Dear wind, why must you torment me.. Haven’t I done enough..

But I started to descend the mighty mountain, reliving the pleasures, reliving the pains

And I got to the foot of the mountain before it was dark

My heart was tired but my heart was glad.. It was not long before the wind beckoned me

“You’ve made it this far.. Why not walk to the ocean and quench your thirst..”

Dear wind, why must you torment me still.. Haven’t I done enough..

But before the moon was out I purposed to get to the ocean.. The ocean mighty with its mighty waves.. This ocean that beckoned me close

As I neared its waters I could feel the wind at my back, urging me on.. Moving me forward

When finally my feet had touched the ocean I forgot my thirst, I instead felt a new birth within my heart

The wind was still as the ocean spoke to me, whispered to me the purpose of my being

And I wondered.. Why did I have to climb the mountain.. Why did I have to endure its terrain.. What had been the purpose

“You had to meet the wind,” said the ocean.. “And the wind brought you to me”

The stars then began to dance and the moon began to shine.. I stood under the light of the night, the precious night sky

The sand at my feet called me to sleep.. I could not question, I could only dream

And by morning I had found new strength.. Had found new breath.. The ocean bid me goodbye

“What if I forget my purpose.. What if I forget the reason for my being?..”

The ocean smiled and said to me, “Only be still and the wind will bring my echo to you.. Only be still”


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