I took a stroll down harmony street, didn’t bother to look to my left or to my right, I just kept walking down the path that was before me

I saw how the birds lived with their families, saw how the trees were neighbourly, felt the cool warmth of the calming breeze

I heard a racoon call out to me, heard it say my name from the steps of the log cabin by my side, saw the racoon smile as it extended its greeting hand to me

The racoon told me about life on harmony street, told me about its life since it had moved here, told me about the people and the animals who were now his new family

I listened to my new friend talk about love and peace, loss and forgiveness, pain and redemption; it talked about the many a path a life could follow

Then I woke up from my daydream and saw that I was back in my own home, that my racoon friend was no more, that the trees that could whisper no longer surrounded me

I felt frazzled and discontent, felt panicked and out of my head, confused and like I was out of breath

But the racoon’s words overtook me and filled my head, the racoon brought me some sense, I remembered everything that it had said

I had taken a stroll down harmony street, I had seen the birds with their families and old mighty trees act neighbourly… And I had never been the same again