The Gathering

It was dark and sinister walking through the quiet alley

Only the sounds of gushing wind surrounded me, only the sights of impurified smoke surrounded me

I looked above but the tall buildings clouded my view
I could feel my blood thicken and my skin sweat as deafening sounds seemed to clap around me

I had been walking as fast as I could, I tried to run but my knees were too cold
Five more minutes.. I said to myself, five more minutes and I’d be safe
I could see the shelter before me, I could feel my heart yearn for safety from the rowdy gathering

It was two minutes now and I’d be free.. two more minutes and I could break into dance of glee
One more minute.. I wanted to run but my knees were still weak, wanted to run but my eyes could not clearly see

Every muscle in my body worked together to get me to safety
It was all I could think about, my mind already calming, my heart already beating like I was breathing the air in the warm and serene space

Thirty seconds.. I felt like I could already dance, felt like I had already won, until I felt that first drop on the side of my jaw
It only took ten seconds for that fierce rain to jump at me, to take one thousand hits at me

I bowed in shame as I stepped into my apartment building
I had come so close.. But the dark and sinister gathering.. The bulging grey clouds that had loomed over my head.. They had won 😢
I chose the wrong day to leave my old and faithful umbrella at home..


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